A year full of Limes – а short overview of the past 12 months


It’s been a year!

2018 was a year full of limes! On the 26th of September, we celebrated our first birthday! No need to say that this year was filled with ups and downs, many lessons learned but best of all… a journey to remember for a lifetime.

But let me elaborate more in that and get into the details about why the past years was so great.

The Lime bunch a.k.a. Lime mafia a.k.a. La Familia

Starting LimeChain we’ve always had one very particular goal in mind — building a great team. Being part of the startup ecosystem for nearly 7 years I’ve heard this so many times. But what exactly is a great team?

For us building a great team starts with building common understandings and shared beliefs. Then goes through the process of all of us having the same pulse, thinking in the same direction and acting as one unified organism. Blockchain is rooted in our system, so we all have a shared set of beliefs from the very start.

If I have to retire today and someone asks me to name one thing I’m proud of, that one thing won’t be some million-dollar deal, a prize we won, the recognition we get but would definitely be the Lime bunch!

Any success we had or will have in the future with Lime is the product of these awesome people! For me, it is a true honor and privilege to be able to work and learn with them and cherish every moment of it.

A big shot executive asked me some time ago what’s our true North. Although this may seem as an unpopular answer in the business community, our true North has always been and will always be our team.

Navigating in the stormy Blockchain sea

2018 has been turbulent for the Blockchain community. From the peaks, we saw in the crypto market at the beginning of the year to the crash we witnessed in the summer, through all political, reglementary and business announcements. The past 12 months have been a “golden age” for the Blockchain ecosystem.

Being able to navigate through the state of the technology, goals of our clients and the market conditions has been a challenge. Still, we have the chance and the privilege to work with professional teams with the right mindset and that on its own is enough to solve every challenge together. Or to put it another way — when there’s trust, there’s a way.

Over the course of the past year, we had the chance to work on +20 projects in various industries like insurance, travel & hospitality, real estate, intellectual property, manufacturing, education, logistics and more. We worked both with small startups and big publicly listed companies. Every experience we had with these extraordinary professionals has been nothing but tremendous!

LimeChain has also been named multiple times one of the top Blockchain companies in the world and recently we’ve got the privilege to be named one of the Key Players in the industry right next to companies like IBM, Microsoft, and R3!

A huge “Thank you” to our partners for the trust they’ve put in us! None of this would be possible without you!

A step forward better Blockchain education

The road to mass Blockchain adoption will be a bumpy one. To ensure a better chance for success it’s crucial to have the right people with the right mindset as part of the ecosystem. Blockchain is not only a new tech entering the landscape, but it is also a revolution on its own — a technological, business, economic, financial and sociological one.

Every one of us has their own version and beliefs about what “good” education is. However, we all unite in that the knowledge is the way forward and it’s our right and responsibility to contribute as much as possible to the growing community.

That is why we launched LimeAcademy. The educational arm of LimeChain which goals are to provide cutting-edge Blockchain education.

The first season of the academy is solely dedicated to Ethereum Blockchain and is a technical one. In its initial version, our focus is to take on developers that already have been introduced to the core development concepts. They would have some real-life experience (~1–1.5 years) and the desire to become Blockchain developers.

We have the great privilege to partner with TelerikAcademy — one of the top technology-focused educational institutions in Bulgaria. By looking at the Blockchain ecosystem from a different perspective, we noticed a lot of gaps between the current state and the future needs that we plan to address. Thus, we decided it’s essential to introduce new educational programs. The best way to stay tuned and up to date with what is happening with LimeAcademy is to subscribe to our newsletter at http://limeacademy.tech/

Building the next generation of Blockchain solution

During this year we’ve been exposed to many discrepancies in the ecosystems in terms of development, processes, and needs versus what’s available.

To fill this gap and help the faster and smoother adoption of the technology our team is actively working on several products. Our goal with them is to help the development community and facilitate the use of Blockchain for the non-blockchain savvy users and businesses.

2019 will be a strategic one for us in terms of developing these products and building a better solution from which the community can benefit and make people’s life a bit easier.

Big “Thank you” goes to Ethereum Community Fund, ETHPrize and the Blockchain ecosystem for supporting and help us grow EtherLime. From day one we saw the need for better Ethereum development and deployment framework and we are really happy to share our work with the whole community!

We are going on an adventure!

The past year has been a roller-coaster — both emotional and physical. Also, it was one of the best years of my life, but what’s even better is that it was just the beginning!

Here’s to many more years to come!