Web3 UX and UI design

Web3 applications and services have a very distinct flow compared to standard Web2 apps. These differences necessitate a completely different approach to designing the user experience and user interfaces. The importance of this aspect of Web3 development cannot be understated. Often, UX and UI design works in tandem with front-end development and can inform how the front-end is designed.

At LimeChain we understand that the Web3 world requires careful consideration and we always work to ensure that a Web3 dApp provides the best possible user experience and interface.

We typically view UX and UI design in the context of the broader development process. That is to say that we’re rarely approached by clients that only want us to take on UX and UI-specific tasks. Instead, UX and UI design usually complements either end-to-end product development or front-end development. That said, we do not take design-related tasks lightly, as we know that they can make or break even the most ambitious of projects. That’s why our UX and UI design department has been a key contributor in all of our projects that involve product development.

The process

The process of UX/UI designing goes through several steps. These stages include:


Determining the user flow

The first step in Web3 UX and UI design usually involves discussions with the client and examining different user stories to determine the specific user flow of their product. This includes determining the various screens users can see, how the product’s features and functionalities will be accessed and displayed, how transitions between different screens will work, what tooltips, notifications and other messages and indicators users will see based on their actions, etc. All these different elements need to be in tune with the specific rhythm of the Web3 experience.


Wireframe design

Next we prepare low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes and make sure to include all the necessary flows and have the informational structure nailed down. Based on that, we prepare several UI versions and send them to the client, who chooses their preferred version in terms of style, look and feel.


Finalizing the design

Once a direction has been chosen, we move to realizing the final version of the design. During that process, our designers work closely with the frontend dev team and make adjustments when necessary.

Choose the Web3 experts

When looking for a capable development team to help you build your dream Web3 app, it is important to consider every aspect of that project. In LimeChain, you’ll find not only a world-class Web3 developer, but also a team of brilliant Web3 UX and UI designers, including UX/UI product designers, who will help you put the perfect finishing touch to your product.

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    Working on the next big thing?

    You have the great vision we got the skills to bring it to life. Let’s build something great!