Blockchain Team Extension

Extending your blockchain development team allows you to quickly draw on the capacity and expertise of professionals without needing to hire new employees. This also reduces the risks and time investment associated with new hires, as an extended team is vouched for by the supporting company.

Blockchain development team

Blockchain Development Team Extension

Team extension is the process of one or several software development professionals becoming part of your company for the duration of a specific project.

Extended team members are usually part of another company’s team or sourced from a pool of professionals, maintained by the company that provides the support.

The development of a blockchain app or blockchain platform, with the help of an extended team, offers you flexibility and knowledge while at the same time providing you with the ability to scale quickly.

LimeChain can assist you in extending your blockchain development team with smart contracts, mobile, frontend, and backend developers, as well as UI/UX designers!

Do you want to know how you can benefit from an extended team for your blockchain application or platform development? Here are some of the many benefits for your business!

How will your project benefit if you bring external professionals on board?

Extending your blockchain development team can offer you a number of benefits that will ensure the success of your project. These include:

What is our approach?

Extending a team typically involves several stages designed to ensure that all project and business requirements are taken into account and the people that are most suited for the project have been selected. When creating an extended team for you, the process goes through the following steps:​


Identifying team needs and project requirements

Typically, the process is kicked off by conducting a number of meetings to work out the scope of the project and the needs of your team. If you’re looking to fill a specific role in your team, we’ll present a number of suitable candidates for you to choose from. If instead, you are looking to hire a whole extended team, the different roles and skill sets in the team are identified and specified.


Candidates selection

Once it is established what kind of skills and people you are looking for, the most appropriate candidates are selected from our pool of developers and designers. These are then presented to you with their specific expertise and experience, and additional meetings are conducted to confirm their suitability to join your team.


Team integration

Finally, the candidate or candidates that have been selected are ready to be integrated into your team and begin work on the project. They will be with you until the end of the project or until the completion of their assigned tasks. After their work is completed and approved they will leave your team.

Team Extension by LimeChain

LimeChain has been developing blockchain solutions since 2017. We have over 150 completed blockchain projects to date.

We pride ourselves on our team of highly experienced developers. With proficiency in a variety of skills within the field of blockchain and Web3, our developers can be easily integrated into any project.

With them being very self-sufficient, yet good team players, you can rely on our developers to meet your project’s requirements and deadlines on time.

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