dApp Chain Development

DApp chain development is gradually emerging as an important part of every blockchain outfit’s repertoire. It is centered around building entire chains designed to serve the specific needs of a single decentralized apps.With the popularity of platforms like Polkadot, Cosmos and more recently Polygon Edge rising, dApp chain development seems poised to become even more important in the future.

At LimeChain, we have significant experience in working with Polkadot, Polygon Edge, and Cosmos, using their robust frameworks to build custom chains. Because of this, we’re confident in our ability to handle dApp chain development projects.

Advantages of dApp chain development

As an emerging discipline of Web3 development, dApp chain development is yet to be sufficiently explored. However, some of the advantages of this approach are clear even at this early stage. Compared to general-purpose chains like Ethereum, for example, dApp chains can be fine-tuned to the needs of their respective decentralized applications, which opens up various opportunities for optimization and performance enhancement. And, thanks to the modular design of frameworks like Polkadot’s Substrate and the Cosmos SDK, an experienced Web3 dev team can build such chains quickly and efficiently.

But what about private blockchains that can also be customized and fine-tuned thanks to frameworks like HyperLedger Fabric? Well, here dApp chains have a couple of significant advantages. Most importantly, dApp chains can use the consensus layer of a public blockchain, whereas private chains typically rely on light Proof-of-Authority consensus algorithms. In addition, private chains are, by definition, closed-off systems and, as such, are not suited to supporting consumer-grade applications.

The development process

The dApp chain development process consists of several distinct phases.


Initial assessment/discovery phase

Following the introductory talks with the developer, we appoint a solution architect - a senior member of our delivery team who is tasked with leading the initial assessment of the project and its needs. Based on this assessment, we recommend a course of action, as well as technologies that we find best suited for the job. The findings we gather during this stage also allow us to devise a development roadmap outlining the next steps in the dev process. They also help us to design an optimal solution architecture.


Blockchain and back-end development

Dapp chain development is a multi-faceted process that typically requires varied dev expertise. Even so, the heavy lifting is usually done during this phase. Building a chain tailored to the specific requirements of a project, even with the help of robust frameworks like Substrate, requires significant effort and know-how. As a Web3 veteran with over five years of experience, LimeChain is immensely qualified to handle even the most complex and demanding blockchain development tasks.

Proven experts

With over five years of experience as one of the premier blockchain developers in the world, LimeChain is qualified to handle all aspects of dApp chain development – from devising the entire solution architecture to supporting the project post-launch. This includes the most demanding and challenging part of the process – blockchain and back-end.


Our expertise in multi-chain protocols and development frameworks like Substrate and Polygon Edge ensures that by hiring LimeChain you’ll be getting world-class dApp chain experts to work on your dream project!

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    Working on the next big thing?

    You have the great vision we got the skills to bring it to life. Let’s build something great!