We don’t develop blockchain promises, we develop blockchain results

We are a blockchain development and consulting studio from Sofia, Bulgaria. What started as a software start-up founded by four friends, evolved as a pioneer in the development and application of blockchain technologies in Bulgaria.

We stand proudly as a results-driven organization that is aiming to be among the best in the industry. This ambitious goal is further supported by our client portfolio which includes companies like PropyLockTrip, Vaultitude, and Iris.ai — all of which are leaders in their industry.

Our team consists of experts in combining extensive business experience with top notch technical knowledge in applying blockchain solutions to business’ toughest problems.


From technical development for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to full-fledged decentralized applications (dApps). We stay on the cutting edge of each service we offer:

  • Decentralized application development
  • Public & Private blockchain development
  • Smart contract development & audits
  • ICO and crowd sale
  • Blockchain consulting


Margaret Dobreva
Head of Marketing
Margaret is leading the marketing department in LimeChain. She has been involved in creating and managing digital communications for the past five years, working with startups and corporations. Prior to joining our team, she was running an online community of 1000 blockchain professionals.