Science and Education

About the project

Mindzilla is an A.I. powered network which is connecting the world’s knowledge by breaking down information silos and providing access to everyone. With the help of A.I. their goal is to make the process of seeking relevant information and discovering new insights accessible, easy and enjoyable. The platform is open to everyone – from academic institutions to individuals, who can contribute to research, share insights or even self-publish developments that matter.

Why Blockchain

Mindzilla utilizes a unique combination of AI and Blockchain technology, which enables the creation of a token (AIQ) that is stored in a decentralized database and managed by a Smart Contract. The AIQ token interacts with the AI system, which determines the value of tokens to be issued, based on the amount of contributed content and this AI-enabled determination of value. This way, everyone can have a voice and get acknowledged accordingly.

LimeChain involvement

LimeChain works closely with Mindzilla in order to find the best way to utilize Blockchain within their project. Our team developed the ICO and the whole Blockchain architecture behind the project and are currently working on further development of the project.