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Why Choose LimeChain?

Since 2017, we've been helping both start-ups and established enterprises implement Web3 solutions and build on blockchain. We've worked on over 150 projects and partnered with notable Web3 players like Hedera Hashgraph and Polkadot.
Holistic approach
Thanks to our diverse skill set, we can support you during every stage of product development. We can help you flesh out your product idea, test its viability, devise and execute implementation strategies and provide post-launch support.
Deep expertise
We’re extremely well-versed in blockchain and Web3. With a team of over 100 brilliant people, we can tackle a wide range of projects from developing smart contracts, through building NFT marketplaces, to developing purpose-built blockchains.
Being experts in everything blockchain, we're not bound to any one chain or framework. This gives us the flexibility to always use the best tool for a particular job. We also specialize in cross-chain technologies like blockchain bridges.


What we do

Smart Contracts Development

DeFi Development

dApp Development

Launching DAOs

Blockchain Technical Consulting

Token Offering




Smart contracts on mainnet




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We help startups and corporate clients build secure, trusted, and decentralized products using Blockchain.

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    We've helped 150+ startups, frens and fomos build secure and trusted Web3 products.

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